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Quantum physics is the most successful science on Earth!
It led to the most prominent inventions of the moment.
It is the science of the future that proves that matter is indeed changeable.
Knowledge about the essence of what matter is made of and how it can be influenced by nature and with the right knowledge also by humans is essential for our future.
Without this knowledge, everything stands still and we cannot get further than the track on which we have ended up through human intervention.

There is no limit in quantum science when it comes to the possibilities for man and nature to restore and balance themselves.
By using all the transforming and balancing forces that nature already carries within, big problems become much easier to solve.
By applying knowledge from nature at a quantum level, our future looks bright again.
When we use it for the common good and for the larger whole of humanity and the planet, there is no limit to what we can achieve with natural technological advancement.

Quantum physics is the science that explains how the smallest particles that make up all matter behave under the influence of energy.
There is a world that we cannot see, but it does influence how matter forms and behaves.
By looking at the influence of shapes and movements in nature, which positively influence and support living matter,
various codes have been opened for water treatment, the absorbability of food supplements and the energy field of humans.

Blue Earth uses the knowledge of quantum physics in relation to the element of water that is so widely available here on earth and of which almost everything consists. By restoring the water to its original and pure form, the earth can regain its vital life force. The transformation of polluting matter in our environment into harmless particles has become reality in this regard. The energy potential for both the earth and its inhabitants is raised so that an environment can be created where selflessness and harmony can reign supreme.