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Watervitalizer Vita Blue 32


Healthy and vital water is very important for your health.  By using a ´Vita Blue 32` vitaliser  you can enormously improve  the quality of your tap water.  This water vitaliser is developed by the best scientists on the field of water and works through quantum fyscial technics.
The´Vita Blue 32` therefore rises far above the usual vitalisers, achieves energy values that have never seen before and is able to purify your water from old heavy energies .

Water treatment by the Vita Blue takes place in a unique but authentic way. Because this technique finds its origin in how nature works. By the returning of life force in the water and strenghtening the nutrition trough the Energy Egg and Blue Earth Elixer, an exceptional water is created.

Benefits of using the Vita Blue 32:

  • Gives the water a nice soft taste
  • The water has an ideal PH value
  • High Bovis value, to indicate the life force in the water
  • Healthy and nourishing for body and mind
  • Harmful energetic information is completely removed
  • By sealing the information, the ´Vita Blue 32` will continue to do its job for many years
  • Very long life due to the intelligent design and 100% use of high-quality stainless steel
  • No need to replace filters, so no extra costs
  • Water treatment at the beginning of the water pipe will provide pure water throughout the entire house
  • 5 year long guarantee.


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What changes in the water?

The water runs during 20 seconds trough the `Vita Blue 32´. In this time the old harmfull information gets removed from the water and gently replaced by a high vital life energy and fresh new information.

How do you recognize the change?

  • The water is moving to the ideal PH value. (7 en 7,5)
  • The water gets a soft and natural taste, it is a total new experience to taste it.
  • The, it gets directly absorbed by the body, you notice this already in the mouth. This happens because al the substances in the water are in balance with eachother.
  • Less or no lime is attached to, for example, kettles and in the pipes.
    This happens because the state of the water changes. Lime or in other words calcium belongs in the water. If the water is balanced the lime will no longer separate but will stay connected to the water.
  • The taste of the water in general improves, it has less or no chemical aftertaste of e.g. Chlorine etc.

How does the vitalization takes place?

Water is subservient and likes to move back to its origin.

Back to the primal power

Water has come a long way before it reaches you and you can tap it from your tap or take a lovely shower. It is centuries old and in origin has a pure life-full force. It has been in many places, flowing and rippling through natural rocks, soil and plants. Unfortunately, our modern life has been flooded with a lot of superfluous and unhealthy information in the form of a.o. chemicals, medicine residues, pesticide residues, etc. This makes it increasingly difficult to purify the water from this information.
Water is like a tape recorder that records information from everything it comes into contact with. This incriminating information is removed in the ‘Vita Blue’ and is filled with original life energy again. This process takes place in the following way:

1. Harmonic swirling

The water is swirled in a harmonious way. This means that no great pressure is exerted on the water, but that it can swirl through circular movements and soft currents, so that the oxygen present in the water can be released again, the water can relax and reach its own equilibrium. The ‘Vita Blue’ creates the conditions that allow the water to move back to its source. This creates full spectrum coherent fields in the water instead of chaotic fields and harmony is created.

2. De-inform and inform

Information that is present in water is located in 2 layers, on the energetic level and on the physical level.
Energetic information in water comprises 99.99% and physical information 0.01%. This while we perceive the physical information directly and usually assume that it is the most important. Yet this is different, the energetic information has a lot of influence on us.
The Vita Blue 32  is able to completely remove the burdensome energetic information and re-inform the water with life energy. You can taste and feel the big difference immediately.
In the ‘Vita Blue 32’ the water first flows to the left, then makes a lemniscate and then flows to the right. The counterclockwise rotation removes the old information from the water, the clockwise rotation brings the original life energy back into the water. The combination of the Blue Earth energy eggs and Blue Earth Elixir present in the system, gives a special result.

3. The `Blue Earth Energy Egg´with `Blue Earth Elixir´

The water that flows through the ‘Vita Blue’ flows past several energy eggs. The Blue Earth Energy Egg filled with Blue Earth Elixir has a very high Bovis value / life energy filled with positive loving information. The Blue Earth Elixir has undergone a special multiple treatment to achieve this high value. During this natural treatment at quantum physics level, the higher energy value  is sealed in the water. This means that the eggs continue to emit their high life energy constantly and that it is immediately absorbed by the water. Any water that is close by or preferably flows past as in the ‘Vita Blue 32’ will take over the higher life energy, water is very receptive to this and likes to return to its original state.

4. Sealing
Thanks to our special process, the information in our ‘Vita Blue’ is permanently linked to the water and does not lose its vitality.

That is exactly what makes our ‘Vita Blue 32’ so special and unique in the market. It is also the solution of a major problem in vitalization. Vitalisers have been available in the market for a long time. However, it is known that water is very impressionable and can quickly lose its positive charge again when it comes into contact with substances around it. In this way a positive information in a vitalizer can decrease in value or has to be purified each time. As a result, vitalizers are only usable for a limited time, after which they quickly decrease in their results.
However, this is not necessary due to the sealing of the energy in the water with the ‘Vita Blue 32’. This means that the ‘Vita Blue 32’ goes further than any other vitalization systems. The word vitalization is therefore no longer sufficient. It is about deeply purifying the energy, after which the water has room to fill itself with fresh new life energy. This means that the water can do what it was originally intended for: purify your body and nourish you with life energy.

Furthermore, the seal ensures that the ‘Vita Blue 32’ is easy to use, because no maintenance is required, nor do expensive filters need to be replaced. The system can last for years, it will still work. In addition, the energy eggs are well protected so that they cannot be damaged and can therefore complete their work continuously.

5. The shape of the egg

The egg shape is not encountered by accident in nature. Nothing happens in nature by chance. New life is born in the egg. The shape of the egg turns out to be one of the most powerful shapes found in nature.
In Measurements it is clearly shown that everything present in the egg with a certain Bovis value and positive information, is multiplied in its value. Our special Blue Earth Elixir has a very high Bovis value of 508,000. This is multiplied in the egg to a value of 730,000.

Free taste test of ´Vita Blue`

Are you interested in the ‘Vita Blue’ and wondering what it can do for you?
Or would you like to purchase a ‘Vita Blue’ but are you still unsure whether you will notice the difference in your tap water?
Request a free taste test at home without obligation.

We will then come to you with our mobile system so that you can immediately taste the difference.
You can also ask all your questions . Make an appointment via our email address: or call us: 003185 8769837


Installation of the ‘Vita  Blue’ can be done by any plumber or by an employee of ours. You will receive a detailed installation manual with the product. 2 special brackets are also included with which the ‘Vita Blue’ can be attached to the wall. What else you need in terms of pipes and taps  depends on your situation. Your plumber or our employee will discuss this with you.

Technical data:
Material: stainless steel (316 L)
Weight: 8,3 Kg
Size: 47,9 cm (h) x 12,9 cm (b) with a bulge of 29 cm wide.
Pipe size: 1 inch.
Operating temperature range: 60 degrees
Suitable for: Tap water and other water with ingredients smaller than 5 micron.
Max. Flow: 6 m3 per hour
Max. Operating pressure: 8 Bar
Period of operation : Constant
Maintenance requirement: No maintenance required.


By using natural geometric shapes and movements the water gets cleaned in a way that is unmatched! Not only changes are occurring in the taste and the effects on the human body, also the physical substance itself changes to her most pure form! The PH value gets optimized as a result of which the detoxing effect on the human body is increased to a top level. The water is also becoming soft by this method en gives a  whole new experience of water!



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