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Vita Earth natural soil improvement


For your (vegetable ) garden and for use in water!

For the garden and for water we made a special variant with a protective layer through which the energy eggs are not affected by the elements. The regenerating and restorative properties of the Vita Earth can do its job for the well being of Mother Earth.

The Vita Earth has a Bovis level (life energy) from around 390.000 Bovis. That is a very high value which can be sensed or experienced by lots of people.

Vita Earth natural soil improvement is inspired on the power of the Energy egg, but made available fot the earth. The green cylinder protects the energy egg  which is placed inside of it. The ´Vita Earth` gives the earth back her original vitality.  Next to that it can be used for other purposes like vitalising your water or house.

By burying the Vita Earth natural soil improvement at a depth of 80 cm in your vegtable garden, orchard , flowergarden etc. the Bovis value of the earth is increased in the entire area. It is also possible to place multiple Vita Earth’s in a geometric pattern to cover a larger area and achieve a synergetic added value.

As a result, plants grow better and become healthier. This has been shown in the tests that has been taken place.

For your (vegetable) garden

‘Vita Earth’ is specially made with a protective layer for your garden. As a result, the egg is not affected by the elements of nature and the lifespan and protection are increased. They are buried at a depth of 80 cm in your vegetable garden, orchard, flower garden, etc. This increases the Bovis value of the soil in the entire area.
As a result, plants grow better and become healthier. This has been shown in the various tests that have taken place.
Instructions for use: It is important that you dig in the egg with the blue side at the top, then it works the strongest!

For in water

The cylinder is also suitable for placing in water such as your pond, a stream, drinking trough for your animals. But also for your water jug or bath! This significantly improves the energy value and quality of the water. This makes the water taste and feel softer. You will notice a difference after 3 minutes! You can leave it in your water jug for up to 1 day to further vitalize.

For at home

The ‘Vita Earth’ is suitable for purifying and increasing the energy in a room and for making it radiation-free. The energy field is so powerful that radiation from computers and telephones does not stand a chance. It also helps to strengthen your personal energy field, making you less sensitive to external influences.

This object is also practical to use, for example in the refrigerator, to place it near your food, to take with you in your bag, to work, on vacation, etc.

Vita Earth, Natural Soil Improvement, also in agriculture

See our video below about our test in agriculture with the Vita Earth:


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