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Curculix curcumin water for animals


Curculix is a nutritional supplement with curcumin especially for animals. The curcumin in this supplement is made naturally water-absorbent. Body cells completely absorb this curcumin. The combination with our Elixir Water creates a powerful curcumin water!

Ingredients: Elixir Water, Turmeric-Extract (95% Curcuminoid)

Curculix curcumin water for animals contains 10 grams of curcumin per liter.

Curculix is suitable for all animals. From small pets to large livestock.

Bottle contents: 1 liter

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We have gained experience with curcumin water for animals for 12 years and have received many exceptionally positive experiences.

Our Curclix curcumin water for animals differs from other curcumin products through several facets:

  • Curcumin is considered hydrophobic – that is, not water-soluble. This makes it difficult to absorb into the body; especially since curcumin is not very stable. Curcumin is quickly broken down by our liver and as a result, it only enters the bloodstream for a short time. Extremely small amounts are absorbed into the cells and a large portion is excreted through the intestines. Our Curculix curcumin water for animals ensures immediate and efficient absorption of curcumin. Curculix is a liquid so that the active ingredients can be absorbed directly through the mucous membranes before being distributed to various areas of the body.

  • Because Curculix has been made accessible to water in a natural way, it is 100% absorbable by the blood. This makes it a powerful remedy that requires relatively little to achieve a good result.

  • It is 100% natural. In the production process we concentrate entirely on the pure natural active substance and combine it with Elixir water. Compared to other products on the market, we do not use oil, pepper or any preservatives.

  • In addition to the water-accessible curcumin, there is only 1 addition: that is Blue Earth Elixir, this pure water full of life energy is a beautiful symbiosis with the curcumin, it strengthens the power of the curcumin, it helps the waste to be properly removed and gives energy to the body for recovery.

Curculix curcumin water for animals

Curcumin has the following effects:
  • it cleanses the intestines
  • it purifies the blood
  • it cleanses the liver

The result is that many excess waste products in the body, which are often accompanied by inflammation, are cleared.

This means that curcumin has many more positive effects!

For a conscious lifestyle

fytality curcuminDue to its well-known and unique properties, curcumin from the turmeric root has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nowadays this plant is often mentioned as an all-round solution. This herb also has many benefits for our beloved animals. We also sell Fytality Curcumin water for people.



Recommended daily dosage:

Small pets: 5 ml
Large pets: 10 ml
Small livestock: 15 ml
Large livestock: 20 ml

The product may be given once a day as a preventive measure to promote the health of your animal.
In case of complaints it is recommended to administer twice a day.
May be added to food or by means of injection by mouth.

For tailor-made advice, please email us to

Experience for yourself what Curculix curcumin water for animals can do for your animal!

Curculix curcumin water for animalsCurculix curcumin water for animalsCurculix curcumin water for animalsCurculix curcumin water for animalsCurculix curcumin water for animalsCurculix curcumin water for animals

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