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Blue Earth Energy Egg Mini


The Energy Egg mini is meant for your personal protection and for endorsement of your energy.

The little egg works in a radius of 2 meters and had a bovis value (life energy) from around the 384.000 Bovis. That is a very high value and it is felt by many people.

The Energy Egg Mini is made from a quail egg which is filled with “Blue Earth Elixer” !!

It is nice to carry around with you in your pocket, next to your pc, under your pillow etc. The Energy Egg Mini is covered by a resin layer, which makes it shok-resistant.

Size: 3 cm (high) x 4 cm (width)
Weight: 37 gramms

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For a long time we had the wish to create this littlle egg…now the creation is complete!

The Energy Egg mini is meant for your personal protection and for endorsement of your energy.

The Energy Egg mini
filled with the Elixer of life
lets your life energy flow

wear it close to you
for your wellbeing
to cherish yourself
reminding you of your primal source:
the water from which we originiate
and the love, the basis of all life


For whom?

Are you sensitive to stimuli or emotions and energy of others? Often this is related to the fact that your own energy field is weaker or smaller. The Blue Earth Turtle Egg helps to make your energy more powerful and to increase your field where necessary. This is how the egg also helps you to stand stronger in your shoes and dare to take up your space. The Torteleitje can also be a support for children who quickly become overstimulated at school or who cannot keep to themselves. This way they are less easily distracted and feel safer.



The Blue Earth Turtle Egg is part of the Blue Earth product range that works with a positive energy. This little egg is mainly meant to be kept close to you at all times. A take-away version so you can always be at your best. In addition, we also sell a large and small Energy Egg for the home, which work in a larger circle than the Torteleitje. The Vita Earth also works in the same way as these eggs but has a protective layer so that it can be used for multiple purposes such as the garden and in water.

Also watch our video where we go deeper into the functioning of these special eggs.

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