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Blue Earth Energy Egg – Large


The Blue Earth Energy Egg has a Bovis value (life energy ) of around  390.000 Bovis and it works within a radius of 20 meters. That is an extrem high value which is sensed by a lot of people.

The egg is made in a big and small variant.  A real ostrich egg forms the base of the big energy egg and a real duck egg forms the base of the little egg.
The eggs are filled with ‘Blue Earth Elixer’ and are surrounded by a layer of clay. The elixer has had multiple treatments to come to the extreme high Bovis level.
Both the small and big egg are being delivered with a wooden seat stand.

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A small and large variant has been made for your living room, office or entire house!
The small egg is suitable to purify and increase the energy in a room and to make it radiation-free.
The Energy Egg- Large is suitable for an entire house.
For the energetic effect of the energy egg on agricultural and horticultural soil, there is the Vita Earth, which is suitable for use in soil and water.


Holding an Energy Egg causes an energy flow in the body and our personal energy field.
This energy flow increases our natural energy. This strengthens the self-healing ability and stimulates the immune system.
It also has a reassuring and relaxing effect and reminds us of our original consciousness.
It also helps to keep living or working spaces free of radiation and to have the best possible energy flow there as well.

The Energy Egg – Large is filled with our Elixir water. Water is an information carrier. This means that water can absorb and transfer energy well. Through our treatment we have ensured that this elixir can retain its high energy value. The combination of the elixir in the egg provides an even more powerful effect. The shape of the egg, the source of life, ensures that the energy in the water is increased and protected. This way it can permanently radiate a powerful life energy and positively influence the environment.
The Elixir contains the source energy, the original energy of the universe. Everything around the egg is reminded of this. This ensures that we, as humans, start to feel our original energy again. This will increase our energy as it should be naturally and it gives us a nice and harmonic feeling.

Manufacturing process

The Energy Egg is made with a lot of love, attention and time. The real duck eggs are emptied and filled with Elixir. Then they are tightly closed and made watertight. This is followed by several layers of clay in combination with flax, which takes a lot of time. Each time after drying, the cracks that arise are carefully removed by hand. This process takes a lot of time. Finally, the outside of the Energy Egg is made ceramic with a method developed by us.

Note: colors may vary because each egg is made by hand from natural materials.

For more information about our Egg, watch the following video:




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