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Blue Earth Elixirwater


Blue Earth Elixir is specially treated water that has regained its natural purity, strength and potency.
Due to the treatments that the water has undergone with the natural methods of Blue Earth, the primal force returns to the water.
This pure and powerful water is further enriched with oxygen after the treatment of Blue Earth,
which further supports the self-healing ability of the body.
Blue Earth Elixir pushes boundaries when it comes to holistic recovery.
Due to the strength of the elixir, little is needed for it to benefit us humans.

The glass bottle contains: 1 Liter Elixer

The Blue Earth Elixir is the basis for all our products.

Recommended daily intake: 125ml, 1 – 2 times

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Blue Earth Elixirwater provides recovery from the source of life. By combining vital, mineral-rich water and oxygen, bottled water is created that deserves the name of a Elixir of Life. Blue Earth Elixir contains all the original elements that a life-supporting elixir should contain. Because Blue Earth Elixerwater activates the self-healing ability of the body, it is very suitable to take health, but also consciousness and thus your energy to a higher level.

Because the power of this specially treated water is so concentrated, only small amounts are needed to promote the self-healing ability. This creates an internal environment through which pathogens no longer feel “at home” in the body and health is given the opportunity to triumph.

Blue Earth Elixirwater is:


blue earth elixirwaterOxygen Enriched water

Oxygen has a positive effect on the human body, because pathogens can not withstand oxygen so the pathogens will be destroyed by it. Nature itself shows us that oxygen has  a degrading effect on diseased cells and pathogens  such as bacteria, viruses and  fungi. At the same time nature also shows us that oxygen has a constructive effect on micro organisms that life needs, the so called positive bacteria, enzymes etc.

blue earth elixirwaterVitalised powerfull Water

Additionally it has a very high energy value. In tests we found that the vitality in the ´Blue Earth Elixir` has a Bovis value of more than  >508.000 Bovis . To compare it: tapwater often has a value between 4.000 and 16.000.  Also other values are tested as extraordinary good! Download the rapport with radiesthetic measurements of the Blue Earth Elixer here.

blue earth elixirwaterSource of Anti-Oxidants

Stress, unnatural food, radiation, a shortage of water, intensive training, illness, lack of sleep and lack of lust for life cause oxidative stress! Oxidative stress creates free radicals in the body. And although this is a very normal phenomenon for humans and animals , these free radicals must be sufficiently captured by antioxidants in order to maintan a healthy balance. . Anti-oxidanten are substances such as water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, negative electrons, negative ions etc. Blue Earth Elixer has a very high anti-oxidant level and is because of that able to provide the body with the defenses it needs to ´capture`free radicals.

Well informed Water

Several scientists have shown already that water crystals change through the influences in the surrounding area. Positive information such as love, appreciation, natural influences  and natural frequencies have a favorable influence on the crystal formation of the water. In the same way, negative information has a negative influence on the water.


Radiation- free

Very special about Blue Earth Elixer is that radiestetic measurements show that the radiation value of Blue Earth Elixer is zero, which means that all forms of radiation have been completely removed from the water. After the special treatment of the water, the radiation also does not get a change to come back again. Because of that our Elixir is very suitable for radiation sensitive people and animals.

pH optimalised water

The pH value of Blue Earth Elixerwater is ideal to support health and vitality. this value is at 7.98, which can be called excellent. Elixir water is slightly alkaline, which means it is well able to rid the body of acidifying and disease causing components. This balance is a very important basis in the body´s own balance.  In order to be healthy and energetic in life, the body must have a good pH balance. In an acidifying environmenmt Blue Earth elixir is a pleasant way to bring the acidity back in balance.


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