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Blue Earth Curcumin Honey 120gr


The curcumin in our biological curcumin honey 120gr  had been made ‘wateravailable’ in a natural way, so that it is fully absorbed in our cells. The honey nourishes and protects the body with minerals and vitamins and is able to transport the curcumin quickly throught the mucous membranes.  Honey and curcumin have been used  together since ancient times  in various forms of medicine  and is also called : ´Golden Honey`due to the strong anti-biotic properties.

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The curcumin in our Curcumin Honey 120gr is made water dissovable in a natural way, so that it is fully absorbed in to our cells  and bloodstreams.  The organic honey is of very good quality from the ´De Traay` brand and meets the strict requirements of the Eko Quality mark.

The basis quality of the substance curcumin is to detoxify and  purify the body.


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